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Windows Server 2012 License Add-On

Windows Server 2012We're proud to be a Microsoft SPLA partner!  With access to Microsoft licensing, products, and services, we can help your organization develop an IT network that fuels business growth.

Like business executives everywhere, you’re looking to simplify your IT infrastructure, save money, and expand your business. Doing so requires migrating from old technologies that may be burdening your IT department and slowing down growth.

To modernize your server infrastructure, we recommend upgrading to Windows Server® 2012 R2 Service Pack with Hyper-V® virtualization technology and Microsoft® System Center Essentials 2012 system management.

Here are some of the benefits you may see:

  • Simplify IT – Built-in virtualization, centralized IT management and monitoring, and high availability mean you can focus on critical business needs—not on an aging IT infrastructure that requires a lot of time, energy, and money to manage.
  • Save Money – Reduce your capital, operating, and licensing costs, and improve IT productivity with server consolidation and built-in virtualization capabilities.
  • Expand Your Business – Virtualization makes it easy to establish repeatable processes and reusable IT assets. In turn, your organization becomes more agile and your IT department can focus on other projects that foster business growth.

The Next Step

We can provide our clients with a technology assessment report that gives details on your existing hardware and software and recommendations on how to improve your systems. Contact us today!