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What Is Custom Managed Hosting?


Custom managed hosting gives you the best of both worlds. Your servers and other hosting infrastructure are housed in our state-of-the-art data facilities and maintained by our expert engineering staff. However, you still maintain administrative control over your applications, websites, and whatever else you may choose to host with us. Using managed hosting allows you to reduce IT costs and simplify the administration process at the same time!

Why Choose Webservio?

When you choose Webservio, you gain a valuable and trusted managed hosting partner.  With many providers, Managed Hosting refers to dedicated server hosting. At Webservio, we offer a broader range of managed solutions.

Our custom managed hosting solutions are a great fit for organizations that rely on Web-based applications to run and maintain their businesses.  Customizable options and add-ons mean you can work with us to have the infrastructure, security, expertise and support required for your organization.

Managed Hosting Available Features:

  • Server monitoring, patching, and updates
  • Pre-installed software
  • Automatic server recovery/failover
  • Full access to add-ons, including firewall, load balancing, backups & more
  • Convenient server administration tools
  • Dedicated Solutions Representative
  • Customized SLA
  • Expert technical support available 24/7