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VPS and Dedicated Web Servers

Virtual Private Server

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a method of dividing a server's resources to create multiple servers. Each virtual server has its own dedicated resources (e.g. RAM, disk space, bandwidth) and can be independently rebooted.

If your business requires an extra degree of security, you may choose a Dedicated Server. In this case, your web server(s) would still be in VPS form, but only your company's VPSs would be stored on that server.

Webservio's VPS and dedicated servers are a good fit for businesses that need:

  • A high degree of security.
  • A high degree of predictability; you are guaranteed a certain amount of server resources (CPU, memory, RAM, etc.) and can anticipate server performance.
  • More direct control over their server. With VPS and dedicated servers, you know where and on which server your data is being housed, and you can work with the Webservio engineering team to customize its configuration.
  • Flexibility to increase virtual server size or add new servers as needed.
  • A solution that can reliably handle a website with heavy traffic and processing.


Benefits of VPS Services

  • Efficient

    During high load periods, a VPS may be able to "burst" and use more server resources (CPU, RAM, bandwidth, etc.) than it is individually allotted. A VPS offers many of the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. For this reason, VPS hosting is also known as semi-dedicated hosting.

  • Flexible

    The size of your virtual machine (VM) can easily be scaled up or down to meet your organization's needs. Adding an additional VPS is simple and requires no additional capital investment.

  • Cost-Effective

    Using a VPS is cost-effective for those who want the power of a high-end server but do not require, or have the budget to purchase, a fully dedicated server. In most cases, a VPS hosted on a high-end server would out-perform a low-end fully dedicated server. In addition, using a VPS reduces IT expenditures, because it lessens or eliminates the need to maintain hardware or install and update software.

  • Secure

    Managed dedicated hosting solutions provide the most secure type of hosting environment, since a whole server and its resources are devoted to your VPSs. Your server will be housed in a data facility with controlled access and 24/7 monitoring. Dedicated firewalls equipped with intrusion detection are also available.

    If you choose a plan with FTP, only your approved users will have access to your online assets. Plans without FTP access are also available for even greater protection. Webservio's engineers configure servers to only have ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) open to minimize server vulnerability. Linux platform users may choose to add Mod Security for added protection.

Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) environments allow you to tailor a hosting set-up based on the needs of your organization. View our add-ons and customizations to see the many options available. Contact us today to plan your customized solution!