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Virtualization Services


Virtualization is the creation of multiple virtual web servers on a single physical server. Using this method allows for more flexibility and better use of resources, since less hardware is required to do the same number of tasks. The size of virtual servers can easily be changed, and each virtual server can run a different operating system and be independently rebooted.

Webservio's virtualization services are a good fit for businesses that would like to:

  • Lower the operating costs of their IT department
  • Host a variety of systems, including applications, web server, mail server, databases, etc.
  • Prevent application updates or patches from affecting other applications
  • Run an application on an operating system that it could not run on natively
  • Allow employees to use applications that run on different operating systems (e.g. Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X)
  • Decrease the time it takes to load applications


Benefits of Virtualization

  • Reduce Maintenance and Energy Use

    Virtualization allows one server to manage tasks that might otherwise require several servers (without virtualization). Reducing the amount of hardware means your IT network requires less space, maintenance, and energy. By using virtualization, you save money and time!

  • Simplify Administration

    By running each application within its own virtual server, you can prevent one application from impacting another when changes or upgrades are made. You can also develop a standard virtual server build that can be easily duplicated to speed up server deployment.

  • Cross-Platform Flexibility

    Using virtualization allows a single server to run multiple operating systems at the same time. In other words, it allows multiple users to access a single server and each can use a different operating system. This technology allows companies to increase their hardware's flexibility and achieve cross-platform capabilities at a lower cost.

Webservio delivers high-availability IT infrastructure for the applications that drive your business, ensuring that your critical data isn't compromised. We have several customizable solutions: