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Hosting Services Assessment

Security Assessment IconIn a world where security breaches and data loss disasters routinely make the nightly news, businesses cannot afford to let their hosting services be an afterthought. At Webservio, we want our customers to have the information and tools they need to be make well-informed decisions about their web hosting and email services.

A Hosting Services Assessment gives you valuable information about the servers and other equipment that host your website, email, and other Webservio services. The report prepared by our engineers will include:

  • DNS configurations
  • Website configurations
  • Email configurations
  • Open ports on the server
  • Version of the webserver operating system
  • PHP version
  • Recommendations to increase security and uptime

The first step to improving the security and reliability of your organization's website and email is to understand your current solution. The Hosting Assessment report will include an evaluation of the vulnerabilities of the current system and provide recommendations to mitigate those risks. 

Misconceptions About Hosting

Terms like virtualization, cloud hosting, and big data may give the impression that hosting is an abstract thing. But the reality is websites, email, and other data are still stored on servers in hard and fast locations. For example, a "cloud" is basically just groups of servers in multiple locations that are synced together to store data and perform tasks.

Unlike your desktop, laptop, or cell phone, servers do not generally get automatic updates. Updating a server operating system is a more complicated process that can cause serious compatibility issues with the website code or other data on the server. For this reason, most servers have the same configuration as when they were initially set up. That means if your business has not changed/upgraded its hosting service in the past few years, it may be time for an update. A Hosting Assessment can help you understand your options. 

If you would like a Hosting Services Assessment for your web/email hosting, please contact us or give us a call to speak with a consultant at 866.790.4678.