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Multiple Servers

Utilizing multiple servers provides increased bandwidth while also increasing your network's processing speed. As a result, you can include more information and videos on your website. Expanding your site can bring in more business, which increases your productivity and bottom line.

Makes E-Commerce More Efficient

Firms that sell products through an e-commerce site will benefit from utilizing multiple servers within their hosting environment. Order processing is a complex operation that requires many tasks be performed for each transaction. When you combine this with all the other aspects of operating an e-commerce website, you can see the need for having multiple servers to help transactions move faster.

Improves User Experience

Faster processing means end-users will be able to view graphics and videos at lightning speeds. Websites and applications that are slow to load risk losing potential business, because users may get impatient and go elsewhere. Quick loading times are especially important for users of mobile devices. The quicker information can be accessed and shared, the more satisfied your customers will be.

Large businesses can benefit from using multiple servers to host large, intricate databases that may include customer lists, financial transactions and human resource information. These information systems are especially valuable if your firm is audited, wants to acquire new investors, or needs to comply with governmental business regulations.

Multiple web/application servers can improve productivity, efficiency and save your company money. Contact us today to learn more about our managed hosting options.