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Load Balancing

Load Balancing

If your business website provides mission-critical data or is your main source of revenue, slow response times and hardware failures are not an option. Protect your business with a customized load balancing solution from Webservio.

If your entire site resides on a single server, it only takes one traffic surge to slow response times or a single hardware failure to bring business to a halt. Load balancing alleviates both problems by using multiple servers to house your data.

The Load Balancing Advantage

Load balancing spreads the work of your managed server among two or more servers, optimizing resources, output and response times. If your server fails in any way, requests are routed to another server(s) according to preset criteria.

Load balancing gives you:

  • Better Performance – Faster system response times and improved availability of applications allow for a better customer experience.
  • Cost-Effective Load Allocation – Expanding horizontally by balancing the load among servers is more reliable and cost-effective than vertical scaling solutions.
  • Increased Redundancy – Load balancing is an effective way to implement a redundant system.