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Intrusion Detection Add-On

A network attack can cripple your business. Defenses such as firewalls and anti-virus software eliminate some threats but still leave your internal network vulnerable to attack. That’s why we’ve partnered with Sophos to offer an on-demand intrusion detection system (IDS). The IDS blocks network attacks, manages server vulnerabilities and automates IT compliance, securing your confidential data and networks from within. In addition, a recent independent study shows that Sophos appliances are the fastest in the industry.

An Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) can identify and stop many threats, exploits, back-door programs, and other attacks as they pass through the system. An IPS can bolster a firewall's security policy by inspecting traffic that is allowed to pass through the firewall to make sure it does not contain unwanted threats. Even with good patching practices, a company can be faced with a threat that affects its systems and resources. It is in these situations that IPS can shine, since patterns to catch the threat are released before an official update or patch is made available.

How Does Intrusion Protection Work?

IPS is a deep packet inspection system. It analyzes the data packets after they have passed through the firewall and uses a rules list of over 8000 patterns to remove packets that contain undesired contents. This list is updated every few minutes, constantly adapting and evolving to keep your business protected from threats as they emerge and spread.

Webservio offers shared and dedicated intrusion detection and prevention systems. Our managed security packages offer the most cost-effective IDS/IPS solutions in the marketplace.

Webservio managed intrustion detection options include:

  • Multi-client deployment models, which allow multiple customers to be hosted on a single appliance platform with customer data physically separated to ensure confidentiality and security.
  • Dedicated appliance bundles, including various combinations of intrusion detection and/or prevention, log management, file integrity monitoring and a web application firewall for customers needing to block attacks on their website, Web applications or e-commerce.

Contact our network security experts today to learn how we can help protect your organization and mitigate network security risks.