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Geographical Redundancy

Webservio can protect your business from data loss, even in the event of a natural disaster or other catastrophe, by utilizing geographical redundancy. In this scenario, your hosting system (servers, routers, data, etc.) is duplicated in two separate locations to secure against loss of data and services in case one location fails. This setup is entirely different from common redundant systems that replicate system infrastructure in the same location, providing no protection against complete site failure. 

Disaster recovery in geographically redundant systems is a worry-free affair. With your data stored in two separate locations, even a complete disaster, such as fire, tornado, or earthquake, will not result in data loss for your company. This high reliability is attained by instituting a failover. Whenever one location experiences problems, the second site will immediately take over until the primary site is back online again. The good thing is, end-users of the company's website or email will not know the difference, and in most cases, will not even be aware that a problem existed.

Load Balancing and High Reliability

Load balancing is another direct benefit of utilizing Webservio's geographically redundant systems.  Websites with heavy traffic or email servers with millions of requests per day can benefit from this type of configuration. With two equally capable systems dividing the workload, load balancing maximizes processing power. Users' requests can be automatically routed to a separate location when the primary hosting network is experiencing heavy traffic, giving the system time to recover without any delay in fulfilling requests. 

At Webservio, we have data facilities in two different locations and can provide reliable service for your business network without downtime. Contact us today to learn more and develop a customized hosting solution.