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Cloud Services

Virtualization - Cloud Services

Cloud hosting uses virtualization to create virtual servers that are hosted by a group of actual servers. This setup provides high reliability; if one server were to fail, the others could easily share its load with no interruption in service. 

Webservio's cloud hosting solutions are a good fit for businesses that need:

  • A reliable solution with high availability
  • The ability to run resource-intensive applications
  • A solution with redundancy and failover capabilities
  • A high degree of flexibility to quickly change the size of virtual servers and easily create new ones.
  • A solution that can adapt to handle spikes in website traffic


Benefits of Cloud Services

  • Efficient

    Cloud virtualization simplifies administration, provisioning, and deployment without requiring additional capital investment. In addition, the size of your virtual machine (VM) can easily be scaled up or down to meet your organization's needs.

  • Secure

    Each VM runs it's own independent operating system (OS) and is isolated from the VMs of other users. Additionally, you can choose to have your own private cloud system separate from other users.

  • Reliable Performance

    Unlike a VPS system, cloud hosting does not allow sharing of physical resources (CPU, memory, hard drive). Resources are physically allocated to each VM. Though this eliminates the ability to "burst" resources, it guarantees a higher and more consistent level of performance.

  • Cost-Effective

    Using cloud services requires less in-house IT staff since there is no need to maintain hardware or install and update software. These advantages reduce IT expenditures.

  • Disaster Recovery Solution

    Cloud hosting provides a high level of availability and makes it easy to establish redundancy. These capabilities ensure your mission-critical applications will be available even if your business network goes down.

With Webservio's Cloud Solutions, you may choose a Windows or Linux operating system with optional SQL for Windows. You may also add features like managed backups, load balancing, isolated cloud servers, and more. Contact us today to plan your customized solution!