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Comparison of Shared vs. Premium Shared Hosting

Typical Shared Hosting Scenario

Premium Shared Hosting Configuration

Typical Shared Hosting Scenario Webservio Premium Shared Hosting
Minimal or no firewall protection Dual firewalls with intrusion detection and automatic up-to-the-minute updates
Hundreds of domains on one server Servers not overloaded to ensure they can provide adequate RAM and bandwidth to each site
All website files/directories stored in one main directory on the server Server is partitioned with multiple VPSs customized for different types of websites
Email accounts and websites may all be hosted on the same shared server Email and websites are hosted by separate servers
One IP address shared by all domains on the server One IP address shared between websites on each VPS. A different IP address shared by domains on the email server
Email service may not include spam filtering. If filtering is provided, it may occur server-side (not as secure, heavily taxes the server) and/or there may be no administrative access Email service includes hosted SpamWeeder filtering service with administrative access and separate spam quarantines for each user
Outdated, unreliable equipment Servers receive regular maintenance by Webservio engineers and have dual power supply with redundant switching
Control panel access No control panel access for added security