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SpamWeeder Premium Hosted Spam Filtering

SpamWeeder Premium Filtering Diagram

Webservio SpamWeeder Premium provides threat protection for your mail server by utilizing sophisticated filtering technologies. SpamWeeder Premium prevents over 99% of spam, viruses, phishing, and other invasive attempts. This service provides continuous filtering for incoming messages.

If you have more than ten domains and monthly email volume over one million (including spam), this system may not adequately meet your needs. If you have more granular filtering needs, please view our McAfee or Postini Enterprise plans for filtering unlimited email volume with the ability to add specific filtering rule sets.

How Spamweeder Premium Works

SpamWeeder Premium works by sheltering your mail exchange (MX) record from the public so that spammers cannot easily view your mail server by completing MX record inquiries. Any messages sent to your mail server must first filter through the SpamWeeder Premium system.

SpamWeeder determines if the messages are clean and delivers only the acceptable mail. Blatant spam is rejected and suspect messages are quarantined. Administrators and/or end-users can view the suspicious emails through a Web-based interface and decide whether to discard the held messages or release them to their inbox.

Monitor Outbound Email Traffic

SpamWeeder Premium Complete includes outbound filtering, which means all emails sent from your domain will pass through the SpamWeeder system before being delivered. With outbound filtering, you can set limits on the size, number, and attachment extensions allowable for outgoing emails. It also prevents spam and viruses from being sent and helps to detect if an account or workstation within your network has been compromised.

Protection During Primary Mail Server Failure

You may opt to add MX backup to your SpamWeeder plan at a discounted rate, so that if your mail server malfunctions or loses Internet connection, all messages will be stored in the filtering system for up to four days. Alternatively, messages can be delivered to your Webservio Mail Bagging service for extended failover of up to twenty days. If you have Webservio's Email Continuity service, only clean messages are held and copied to your employees' Email Continuity accounts. This drastically reduces the amount of valuable storage space required while increasing the overall efficiency of your disaster recovery system.

If you would like to learn more about SpamWeeder Premium, read about the benefits and features of this solution. Or contact us anytime to speak with a spam filtering consultant.