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SpamWeeder Premium Benefits and Features

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Safeguard your network from spam, viruses and malware

Protect inboxes from spam, virus, phishing, harvesting, and other malware attacks by botnets and spammers. This clustered solution adds another layer to your overall filtering solution.

Increase employees' productivity

SpamWeeder Premium uses an advanced IP-reputation system combined with a large number of message content classifiers. This provides a filtering accuracy level of 99.98% with a .0001% false-positive ratio.

Reduce infrastructure load

Save infrastructure and human resource costs by maximizing your network resources.

Simplify management

You don't have to keep up with changes and trends in spam and virus attacks, since new definitions and protection are added to the system automatically.


SpamWeeder Filtering Features

  • Inbound spam, virus, and malware filtering

  • Compatible with any mail server (Exchange, Zimbra, Postfix, Exim, Lotus)

  • Frequent definition database updates

  • Automatic user detection and LDAP support

  • Multi-tier graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Customizable options

    - Add or remove users and change their permissions
    - Manage sender/recipient white and black lists at the domain level
    - Restrict allowable email size
    - Manage or block extensions
    - And much more...
  • Advanced filtering statistics and intelligence

    - Reports available in PDF or HTML format
  • Log Search

  • Web-based and IMAP-based quarantine

  • Can include Lite Mail Bagging

    - Messages will be stored in our Mail Bagging system for up to four days.


The Next Step

To see how SpamWeeder Premium can be customized to fit your organization, compare our plans:

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For more information or assistance, please contact us to speak with a Customer Service representative.