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Hosted Exchange 2013

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server DiagramMicrosoft Exchange Server is the most widely used business email system in North America. The most current version, Exchange 2013, was released in October 2012. It features a Web-based administrative interface, improved data loss prevention (DLP) and search capabilities, and an improved experience for mobile users.

Hosted Exchange means that a company chooses to locate their mail server(s) in a data facility external to their organization instead of having the server(s) within their internal network. Choosing to have an external mail server is a growing trend among businesses due to the opportunities for decreased costs, increased security and reliability, and easier management.

Using hosted Exchange is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Smaller organizations may see the most savings per user, but there are plenty of reasons for mid-size or large organizations to also choose a hosted email solution. Large organizations often require multiple mail servers and have high volumes of incoming emails. An internal email system requires large amounts of bandwidth, especially if spam filtering is also done within your network. Using so much bandwidth increases your monthly Internet costs and could slow down your employees’ connection speeds. Reducing bandwidth usage is just one of many benefits of using hosted Exchange that is especially advantageous for large businesses.