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Exchange Hosting Benefits

Microsoft Exchange 2013 Logo
The improved benefits of Exchange 2013
  • All administrative tasks can be completed using a single Web-based interface.
  • Redesigned architecture to improve performance and database access.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) measures
  • Redesigned Outlook Web App (OWA) that enables offline access, calendar overlay, and better usability on mobile devices,
  • Anti-malware protection
  • Improved availability and data loss recovery
  • Better integration with SharePoint and Lync 2013

If you have an older version of Exchange, compare it to Exchange 2013 to see what features you would gain by upgrading.



In most cases, the price of hosted Exchange is less than the cost of hosting your Exchange server within your company’s network, which would include purchase of equipment and software, extra time for your IT staff to maintain and update the system, and increased costs for Internet bandwidth and electricity.

In addition, hosting internally means your costs fluctuate from month to month. With a hosted email solution, you have a predictable monthly payment for a given length of time.

Maximizes productivity of IT staff

Your IT staff is a valuable asset to your organization. Choosing a hosted email solution frees them up to focus on more engaging, higher value projects, giving them a more satisfying work experience without the distraction of constantly monitoring the email system.

Improves business continuity and data backup

With internally hosted email, it is easy for service interruptions to occur due to loss of power or Internet connection, not to mention damage from a hurricane, tornado, or flood. Our data facilities have layers of failover precautions, including multiple Internet connections, backup power generators, and server redundancy. For additional protection, Webservio offers MX backup and email continuity.

Quick and flexible deployment

Hosted Exchange makes adding new users an easy task with the Web-based administration tool. In addition, the system easily accommodates organizational growth without the need to purchase additional hardware. Migrating to a new version of Microsoft Exchange is a much simpler and cheaper process with a hosted solution, and if your organization chooses to relocate or expand, you don’t have to move any equipment or reconfigure your email system. Hosted Exchange goes where you go!

Easy user access

Hosted Exchange is compatible across a wide range of platforms, meaning users can access their email from virtually any computer or mobile device. In addition, changes to messages, calendars, contacts, folders, etc. are instantly synchronized!

Get the best of both worlds

If your company still wants to maintain some of your Exchange infrastructure internally, you may opt for a hybrid solution. For example, in-house Exchange may be used for a corporate headquarters with thousands of users, but remote offices without dedicated IT staff could employ hosted Exchange.


Features of Hosted Exchange

Maximized uptime and reliability

    • SLA of 99.999% uptime
    • At least three copies of your data are maintained at all times to prevent data loss by corruption or hardware failure.

Secure hosting environment

    • All data centers are SSAE16 Type II compliant
    • Ongoing assessments for PCI and SAS70 Type II
    • Controlled access, 24/7 monitoring, and certified information security experts ensure security of data facilities.

Fastest possible connection

    • Tier 1 Internet providers
    • Redundancy of connections
    • You may choose the data center location(s) closest to your users to minimize latency.