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Email Filtering

Hosted Spam Filtering Service Diagram

Current statistics indicate that more than 85% of all Internet mail traffic is unwanted, malicious, or offensive. Spam and other messages with harmful content are costly to your organization. They decrease employee productivity while increasing security risks and legal liability. And as spamming becomes increasingly sophisticated, the basic spam protection included with email clients often cannot handle the massive attacks that mail servers undergo. An external spam filtering service reduces your risks and lets your employees get back to work.

Several Options to Choose From

Whether you're a small start-up or an international enterprise, Webservio has a solution that will fit your requirements and budget. Learn more about our options:

Read below for more details on the benefits of hosted email filtering. You may also view a comparison chart of our anti-virus/spam filtering options.

It Saves Time

Many spammers know exactly how to trick you into opening their emails. When you bump into this type of message, it may appear to be from somebody you know, until you open it and realize it is only spam. Filtering out emails from marketers, adult porn sites, and fraudsters reduces the size of your inbox and greatly increases your overall productivity.

It Saves Money

Although everyone knows that spam emails are a nuisance and very time-consuming, most people have never sat down to figure out the actual cost. Follow the example to see just how much money your company invests in spam each year if you do not have an effective spam filtering service:

  • You have 100 employees.
  • There are 250 workdays per year for each of those workers.
  • Every employee gets paid an average of $20.00 per hour.
  • Each employee receives an average of 10 spam messages per day.
  • Each person spends 5 seconds for each message by waiting to receive it, review it, and then delete it. (That's 50 seconds per day per employee, or 1.4 hours total!)

The bottom line is that you, the employer, spend almost $7,000 a year (about $28 daily) paying your employees to sort through all those spam emails. Combining the lost time for all 100 workers, almost 44 days of productivity are lost every year. Your business can't afford to not have a spam filtering service!

It Reduces IT Costs

By reducing bandwidth usage, mail server CPU cycles, and storage usage, anti-spam and virus filtering increases the lifetime of your mail server. This reduces expenditures on maintenance or new hardware while lowering the amount of energy used by the IT infrastructure, giving you a smaller utility bill.

In addition, our email filtering solutions do not require you to purchase software or take the time to install updates and patches. All functions of the email protection system are completed outside your network. Easy administration tools allow your IT manager to quickly configure the system and view reports.