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Email Disaster Recovery Solutions

Email is crucial to business communications. In the event of a malfunction or natural disaster, maintaining business continuity often depends on email continuity (a.k.a. Exchange continuity). An email recovery plan has to be independent of your primary server technology (e.g. Exchange Server, Lotus Domino, Groupwise, etc.). Unfortunately, most disaster recovery and business continuity plans overlook email continuity, or some organizations decide the cost of an email continuity solution is too high.

Webservio's Email Continuity and MX Failover services enable you to satisfy a critical component of your organization's disaster recovery plan at an affordable cost. During any primary email server downtime, Webservio’s MX failover system will receive all the email sent to your domain(s). If you opt to use Email Continuity, your company's inbound messages will be copied to the Email Continuity server. Your employees will be able to access, send, and receive emails during the mail server outage. When your server is restored, it will receive a history of all correspondence without your business missing a beat.

Why Webservio?

Webservio knows that reliable enterprise solutions must be value-added. Webservio’s disaster recovery solutions are developed based on a free analysis of your business needs by one of our Business Analysts. This analysis ensures you don’t overpay for an off-the-shelf product that may not be appropriate for your situation. Our proposals use easy to understand language and diagrams to illustrate how our proposed solution will function with your current system during primary mail server downtime as well as uptime.