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Benefits of MX Backup (MX Failover)

When your email server is unavailable, Webservio MX Backup (MX Failover) stores the emails sent to your mail exchange (MX) server and sends them to you when your system is back online. The benefits gained by using this Mail Bagging service include:

Retention of incoming emails

  • All emails are stored in our system and are delivered when your server is back online. This service prevents emails from being lost or undeliverable, and it keeps your server from being overloaded by backed up messages when it does come back online.

Continue sending messages

  • Relay outgoing emails to a remote server at Webservio's data facility for transmission.

Send stored messages to your server

  • Webservio Mail Bagging (MX Backup) VPS packages allow you to view stored emails and send them to your primary mail server on demand.

Anti-spam filtering

  • All solutions include anti-spam filtering for bagged messages with domain-wide quarantine access. Any "false positives" quarantined during bagging time can be flushed to the mail bagging service and delivered to your primary mail server. Our VPS Mail Bagging solutions include SpamWeeder Premium, which allows for greater administrative control over the spam filtering and mail bagging systems. In addition you may opt to upgrade to one of our other email security products: McAfee, Mimecast, Proofpoint, Symantec, or Edgewave.