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Benefits of IzzyMail

IzzyMail delivers all the advantages of secure email hosting without the substantial costs or frustrations associated with an in-house mail server that drain your time and resources. Sometimes, you don't know what you're looking for until you find it: customizable functionality working in tandem with secure VPS email hosting will simplify your communications and allow you to spend more time on strategic business endeavors.

Secure and reliable

Secure VPS email hosting featuring IzzyMail and SpamWeeder Premium means that you'll never have to "make excuses" for slow email communications to your clients. You won't be left wondering if your email made it through on time. Don't do business in the email equivalent of a dormitory where you get penalized for other people's abuses. Investing in secure email hosting with a virtual private server will prevent someone else's actions from crippling your communications. Ask about our more advanced spam filtering and/or archiving solutions for customizable data protection and management.

No more spam

SpamWeeder Premium anti-spam and virus filtering will give you back all that time you've been wasting on spam. Let SpamWeeder do the dirty work while you focus on growing your business. We also offer more advanced email security options that include granular filtering controls, outbound filtering, data loss prevention (DLP), and encryption.

Simplified access and archiving

POP3 and IMAP capabilities give you access to your email accounts via IzzyMail's web-based interface or via the email client of your choice. SpamWeeder Premium combined with Webservio's email archiving service, MailArchiva, will ensure that all your new and old messages are at your fingertips.

Easy use

IzzyMail provides you an easy to use interface to create Bulk users in no time, and it's easy to manage your contacts by importing them in VCard (.vcf) format.


The administrative and end-user interfaces of IzzyMail can be customized with your logo.