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Hacked Website Restoration Service

Has your website been hacked?  If so, you are familiar with the heart-pounding stress that comes along with the question:  “What should I do now?”

Luckily, Webservio engineering has created a procedure to simplify the process, remove infected files,  restore your site, and improve hosting security.  Here's how it works:

  1. Contact us by phone, email, or support ticket and provide the access information for your website.
  2. Our staff will download the site into a secure VPS environment.
  3. We will create a temporary homepage keeping the same look as the normal web site homepage. We generally remove the navigation, post a notice about the site undergoing scheduled maintenance, and include the company contact information. 
  4. An engineer will scan the website for suspicious files and communicate our findings with you.
  5. Remove files as needed.
  6. Test site functionality.
  7. Place the site behind Intrusion Detection Protection.

If your web site uses a content management system such as Joomla or WordPress, our team takes the following additional steps:

  1. Document and verify all modules and plug-ins
  2. Communicate any plug-in/module upgrade options with you along with our recommendations
  3. Upgrade content management system and/or components as needed
  4. Update administrative and/or database passwords
  5. You may add Webservio's Web Manaagement and/or Web Maintenance packages to any of our secure hosting plans.

Our Web Management for CMS provides scheduled site scans and content management system review.  Findings are communicated with you along with recommendations.  You simply approve and we complete the upgrades for you!

Our Web Management for Servers package offers regularly scheduled server-side updates and patching for our Secure VPS and Dedicated hosting clients.  Vulnerabilities and recommended solutions are communicated with you prior to installation so you stay informed about your server environment.

If the thought of regularly updating your website content, look, or theme seems daunting, our Web Maintenance packages are for you.  For an additional monthly fee, our team will update your site for you with the content and/or images you supply.  Packages may also include coloring and/or web site theme updates.