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Colocation Services

Dell Servers Close-upColocation with Webservio allows your organization to place its server(s) within our data facility. Choosing this solution allows you share our bandwidth while taking advantage of our facility’s services and security features, including power outage protection, UPS backups, firewall protection, temperature control, fire detection systems, and anti-virus/anti-spam safeguards. Our expert IT department can even provide engineering, network monitoring, and redundant server configuration.

Advantages of Colocation

Housing your equipment in our data center gives you peace of mind about your technology investments. Colocating with Webservio can provide your company with the bandwidth, power, security, and redundancy it needs at a fraction of what it would cost to install and maintain at your own location. This is especially an advantage for small businesses.

For businesses that choose to host their own server, colocation can be used to maintain a backup server. In today's business world, disaster preparation/disaster recovery is a must for any organization. Colocation offers a secondary location to house the critical data that your company needs to conduct day-to-day business. If your primary server location experienced an outage, your network could quickly switch to using the backup server at our colocation facility. Webservio currently has two data centers available for colocation. View our Facilities page to learn more about each location.