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Colocation Benefits

  • Cost Efficient

    Colocation offers many advantages and is a cost-effective solution to provide optimal performance for your network, which benefits your customers and business associates. For a fraction of the cost needed to set up and maintain your own facility, your company can use Webservio’s data facilities as your own. With two locations and several optional features to choose from, we can customize a colocation solution for any business size.

  • Ample Bandwidth

    By using Webservio’s data facilities, your organization will have the speed and security it needs to ensure your customers' and business associates' expectations are met. Our Tier 1 connections can greatly enhance your connection speeds by avoiding the delays associated with provisioning bandwidth from local loop providers.

  • Disaster Preparation and Security

    Colocation is a method by which your organization can prepare for disaster times. By choosing to have either your primary or backup server(s) housed in a secondary facility, your business ensures critical data is safe and available when you need it.

  • Flexibility and Support

    Webservio’s Remote Hand Access allows you to control administration tasks, implement services, upgrade software, and maintain your servers. No more waiting for your ISP to perform the necessary steps for you! If your company doesn't have an IT Department, Webservio has an expert technical engineering team that can fully manage your colocation solution.