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Plesk Control Panel


Parallels Plesk control panel has a redesigned interface with a cleaner appearance and easy-to-use features. The control panel comes with many additional skins and even gives users the ability to design custom skins and manage them in the browser-based interface. In particular, the new desktop feature increases the usability and flexibility of the control panel significantly. Plesk has been designed to be the most stable and secure control panel available.


Easy to use - Plesk control panel is user-friendly, even if you are just starting out. There is an easy Web-based installation process, and Plesk makes it simple for you to manage multiple accounts on a single server, saving you time.

Stable - The stability of Plesk control panel is one of its most appreciated points.  Plesk has been used to manage millions of domains worldwide, and it can support any number of domains hosted on the same server.

Automation - The Plesk control panel allows for automated updates and tasks with tools like the auto-component updater, migration manager, and key auto-update mechanism. This capability is especially useful if you have a Windows dedicated server.

Support - Plesk control panel can be used on both Linux and Windows servers. Supported operating systems include Red Hat, SuSE, Fedora, FreeBSD, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows.

Languages - In addition to English, Plesk supports German, Japanese, Spanish, French, simplified Chinese, and Russian.