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Other Hosting Services

At Webservio, our goal is to have a Web services solution for every organization and situation. Therefore, in addition to managed hosting services, we offer shared hosting, DNS hosting, and domain registration. These options are great for organizations that would prefer to let their in-house staff manage their domains or for tech savvy individuals (or those willing to learn!) who would like an inexpensive solution.

Shared hosting means multiple customers share the same server. Choosing this type of setup saves money and should meet the needs of smaller sites without heavy traffic. At Webservio, we offer Shared Hosting, which includes a control panel, and Premium Shared Hosting packages, which are on servers protected by firewalls with intrusion detection and configured for maximized security.

With shared hosting, the server's resources (RAM, CPU, bandwidth, etc.) are used by all sites hosted on that server. This arrangement may mean sites load slower during heavy usage times. If your site begins to attract more traffic or has abrupt spikes in the number of visitors, it would be advantageous to upgrade to Webservio's VPS hosting service. 

Webservio's domain registration tool lets you quickly purchase new domain names and manage your registration account.