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Features and Benefits of Premium Shared Hosting

Shared firewall cluster with intrusion detection

Using two firewalls in a cluster configuration ensures that if one malfunctions, the other will continue filtering and the servers housing your website and email will not go unprotected.

Intrusion detection provides real-time updates against the latest security threats. It analyzes multiple layers of traffic to identify and block potentially malicious patterns. In addition, even if a site on the server were compromised, the intrusion detection could alert our engineers. This warning system would allow them to address the issue immediately rather than relying on site owners to notice and report suspicious website activity.


Websites separated by platform

Webservio's Premium Shared Hosting servers have multiple partitions customized to host different types of websites. For example, websites using WordPress, websites using Joomla, websites using only HTML, and websites using PHP are in separate virtual private server (VPS) environments. Each of these VPSs are configured to maximize security for the type of websites they contain. For example, VPSs containing websites that use a contact management system (eg. WordPress or Joomla) do not allow FTP access. Whereas a VPS with only HTML sites would allow FTP. 

Each VPS has a separate IP address, meaning you share your IP with fewer other websites than if you were on a shared server without partitioning. In addition, each VPS can be independently rebooted, providing greater uptime and reliability since an issue with one site is less likely to affect the server as a whole. If a site were hacked, websites on other VPSs would have a lower risk of being infected.


No control panels

Control panels, like cPanel or Plesk, can make web management tasks easier. Webservio does offer multiple hosting options that include control panels. However, hackers like to use control panels as a back door. If they can gain control panel access, they have free reign over the website. Due to this vulnerability, our Premium Shared Hosting does not include control panel access.

Email on a separate server

If you choose a Premium Shared Hosting plan that includes email, it will be hosted on different server than your website. Using separate systems helps protect email traffic from web traffic vulnerabilities and vice versa. In addition, this type of arrangement allows for greater flexibility. As your space or security requirements change, you may choose to move either your email or website to a VPS while keeping the other in the Premium Shared environment. 

The Premium Shared Email uses our IzzyMail service, which includes a web interface along with POP3 access. Administrative access allows for the creation of new users and adjustment of settings.


Hosted spam filtering service included

Our Premium Shared Email service includes spam filtering by our SpamWeeder Premium hosted filtering. SpamWeeder scans all messages to detect spam and other potentially malicious emails. The service includes administrative access to adjust filtering settings, manage white/blacklists, and create new accounts. In addition, end users can access their spam quarantine to send any false positives to their inbox.


Secure server configuration

Our servers are configured to minimize the number of open ports to only what is essential. This helps reduce the server's vulnerability to malicious access. 


Redundant power supply and switching

Our Premium Shared Hosting environment incorporates redundant switching with dual power supplies for the servers. This improves uptime and reliability by ensuring that if one switch or power supply fails, it will not bring down the whole system or server.