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Direct Admin Hosting


Direct Admin is a popular and highly respected Web hosting control panel. It will allow you to administer your site and adjust hosting options by using a graphical interface. With Direct Admin, you can manage an unlimited number of websites. This control panel can also be used to manage email accounts.

Direct Admin does a lot of the work for you, such as automating tasks. This capability gives website owners and designers a quick and easy way to manage their sites and set up new ones. Webmasters may add email accounts, manage DNS, and control the FTP user accounts, making it easy to decide who can update and what they can update.

The Direct Admin control panel allows you to manage FrontPage Extensions and to create and manage subdomains. The statistics feature allows you to monitor traffic to your site, including what pages are most popular. The backup and restore feature allows you to back up all of your data and information in case something happens to your site or files. In short, Direct Admin is a useful tool for a website designer or site owner looking for one solution to manage all aspects of their website(s).